Friday, October 22, 2010

Lemon Cupcakes with Yogurt Marmalade

Straight to the cupcake talk.  :)
Here is a repeat of one of my lemon cupcakes that I made when I first started baking.  These are officially my favourite lemon cupcake recipe and if I want an idiot-proof lemon cupcake recipe, this will be the one I'll go to.  They are exactly light and fluffy and moist.  They - like any good cupcake - taste much better the next day, especially if they've been in the refrigerator.

My original plan was to try out this (apparently) amazing frosting to go with these cupcakes but I just did not have the time for it so I used a quickie-fix topping which was a guaranteed yum-ness:  yogurt marmalade topping.  :)  Remember that one from Pioneer Woman? 

Trust me.  These will not disappoint you.

Cupcake Recipe:  Clicke here!
Yogurt Marmalade Topping:  Clickity click!

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