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After about 5 years of some serious hiatus, I am back!

I have had numerous life transitions since my last post about my fabulous chocolate cupcakes but one major transition that must be noted is that I have moved to the other side of the world --> the U.S. of A!  Although I miss my dear country New Zealand, I am happy to be able to explore new cuisine, and new foods in the northern hemisphere.  

Who Am I?:

I am a thirty-something year old seminary student in St. Louis, Missouri!  Another transition that I made in the recent year is a career transition from being an elementary school teacher to having a life of reading heavy theological books and pondering about the ancient Near East and how they are relevant to me.  Since starting seminary, I have had to make major life style adjustments including a huge budget cut for my food pursuits.  It's a difficult but also a privileged challenge that I happily accept.  

This Blog:

I originally started this blog to explore the world of baking.  I was so fascinated by the fact that I could actually produce the fabulousness of baked goods all from my teeny tiny kitchen!  I wanted to share my discoveries and write about what I've learned from my mistakes for the benefit of other baking/cooking novices as well as leave digital reminder notes for myself as I grow as a baker/cook.

Generally, I'll just have a link to the blog where I got my recipe from instead of re-writing the entire recipe.  I will share the changes I made and the effect those changes had on the final product.

I would not categorize myself as a baking/cooking novice anymore, but I know that I still have a long way to go until I feel comfortable calling myself a baker/cook.  But.  I love being in the kitchen!

A little side note:  I am Korean and absolutely love Korean food so you will see me explore that cuisine a lot on this blog.  

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