Monday, February 15, 2016

White Chocolate Coconut Truffles

toasted almonds + shredded coconut
coconut oil + white chocolate

ball-ing the chocolate mix

ready to go in the freezer
ready to go back into the freezer

all ready to be packaged
"Am I beautiful?"

ready for some L-O-V-E

These truffles are a winner.  They really are amazing, if I say so myself.  Apparently they are a Raffaello copycat - a little sister of the famous and oh-so-delicious Ferrero Rocher.  But, no store-bought candy can beat a home-made truffle.  These are not intensely sweet but just sweet enough for you to keep going back for more.  If you love coconuts in your sweets (like moi!)  these are the best ever truffles for you.  The coconut coat adds a little fancy-ness to them and you can easily dupe people into thinking you are a truffle-making fairy.

The Recipe:
White Chocolate Coconut Truffle by Let the Baking Begin

Changes I made:

  • The original recipe inserts whole almonds into each truffle (like the original Raffaello).  I opted to add in 1 cup of silvered almonds into the chocolate + coconut mix instead.  This allows for almonds to be in every bite which I absolutely love.
  • I toasted the silvered almonds before adding them to the coconut mix.  Here's a link to toasting nuts.  I usually dry roast them on a skillet.  Let the almonds cool a bit before you add it into the shredded coconut.  Add the melted chocolate + coconut oil after this step is completed. 
  • The recipe gives two options to choose from.  You can roll the coconut balls directly in shredded coconut or you can dip them in white chocolate and then roll them in coconut.  I opted for the extra white chocolate.
  • For the 'dipping' white chocolate, I only put in 2 Tbsp of coconut oil instead of 3 like the recipe says to.  I wanted the chocolate to be a bit thicker.  
Tips & Reminders:
  • Ensure you use unsweetened coconut.  The white chocolate is already intensely sweet so it will tone down the sweetness of each truffle.  
  • I used Ghirardelli's white chocolate chips
  • Next time, I'll make the balls a little smaller so that they are bite-size.
  • I put the coconut+almond+chocolate balls in the freezer as they were too soft to roll in melted chocolate.  They firm up pretty quick and it is much easier to dip them in melted chocolate if you add this step. 
  • I put the finished truffles back in the freezer and this sped up the process.  
  • The recipe already tells you this but if I may repeat this great tip, coconut oil is a better option than butter as they remain solid in room temp.  The flavor also works awesome with coconut oil.

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