Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Do you ever have this dilemma?  You bake something amazing.  People compliment.  (Big sheepish but proud smiles for that!)  And then people creep up to you and ask for the recipe.  I'm gonna be super honest here because apparently that is the best policy.  I deliberate whether to give out that recipe or to keep it to myself.  Do you think I'm being selfish?  But shouldn't I be able to keep some recipes so that I (I!) can be the special person who brings joy to people with my bakings?  What do y'all think?

I made these.  I love these.  I love strawberries.  Strawberries are like those rare breeds:  gorgeous to look at and equally gorgeous on the inside.

Here's what I did:
(I used milk chocolate but I do prefer them with white or dark chocolate.)  I melted the chocolate over simmering water and dipped the strawberries.  Then I put the chocolate dipped strawberries on pans lined with cooking paper and put'em in the refrigerator until the chocolates hardened.  And voila~!  You have the best looking, best tasting snack in the world.  Big smiles. 

Question:  Anyone know the solution to the bottom of the pan chocolates?  They either hardened up quickly or have cooked but they refused to be melted when I reheated them.  So my last few strawberries got lumpy chocolates.

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  1. I think the bits that won't melt might be pieces of siezed chocolate. That happens sometimes when you dip things, especially fruit, because of the tiny water droplets that might be on the fruit.