Friday, July 24, 2009

No Sugar Dark Chocolate

I had a craving for the movie 'Prime' today. And so, I went into my kitchen searching for a sweet snack to accompany my movie. I settled for Richfield's 'no sugar' dark chocolate that I'd bought for baking. These were a new entity to me. On principle, I ignore all no sugar treats in the supermarket. If I'm snacking, I'm snacking for the sugar. But this was also a trust issue. I have great faith in Richfield's chocolates as they have never failed me...yet. And I'm glad I took the risk as these chocolates were exquisite. The absence of sugar gave room for the chocolate flavor to be more pronounced. I like to steer away from overused expressions that have lost its effect but I must stoop down today because there's no other way to say that these 'melt in your mouth.' And if you're looking for a 'melt in your mouth' movie, try out 'Prime.'

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