Monday, June 13, 2016

Easter Potatoes

Spring arrived a few months ago but I didn't get to celebrate it on Fried Blue Tomatoes so here's my homage to the return of spring (few months ago).

Picture #1:  
In honor of spring, my manager at work brought me these flowers from the garden outside our building.  It was just a very sweet gesture and made me appreciate spring a tad bit more.  :D

Picture #2:  
My hubby & me at the church Easter Luncheon. We have had a very rough couple of years and couldn't really enjoy Easter the way we would have liked.  So, this year was extra special cuz we were able to smile and do what we do best - be weird.

The rest of the pictures:  Cheesy Potatoes 


We have an Easter Luncheon every year at our church and I always look forward to it because they order the ham from one of our proudest and well-known St. Louis BBQ joints (Sugarfire!).  We all bring a dish and I signed up for a side.  I obsessively went back and forth from signing up to make scalloped potatoes to other potato variations - made about 10 edits on the church google doc.  Oops!  Anyhoo, I thought scalloped potatoes would be perfect, but after pondering on this choice a little bit decided to go with a slightly different baked potatoes.  I actually did not make a single change in this recipe.  They were pretty amazing, imho, and perfect alternative to scalloped potatoes.

The Recipe:
Homemade Cheesy Potatoes by Simply Scratch

What I'd Do Differently:
The only thing that I would do differently next time is to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces.  As you can see in the photos, the potatoes were quite chunky.  Just think they'll look yummier if they were smaller. 

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