Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peanut butter Cookies

Here are the peanut butter cookies I baked for my colleagues for Christmas.  I'd stopped doing Christmas goodie bags for awhile.  Only because Christmas time always gets so hectic, I eliminated some things to alleviate stress and this was one of them.  But this year I opted to go ahead with the Christmas bags at work, as I was going to be in a new role the following year which meant I will not be working with the same people anymore.  I wanted to show them how much I enjoyed working with them and what better way to do that than with cookies.  Peanut butter cookies.

I have to say, readers, that these cookies taste better than their scrumptious appearance, if you can believe it.  They really are amazing cookies and should definitely be in everyone's baking repertoire.   They freeze very well, too.  Oooh, almost forgot.  I used crunchy peanut butter - which is the best kind of peanut butter.  I also used regular sugar to coat the cookies but the crystalized(?) ones (the bigger sugar) will probably work better - as is shown on Smitten Kitchen's post. 

Here's the Smitten Kitchen link to the recipe.  She got it from the Magnolia Bakery book.    :)
By the way.  How was your Christmas and New Year's?

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