Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Gorgeousness...

 Here's some gorgeousness for ya.

(Not) my first baking book, but I want to say my first proper baking book as my previous baking books were those thin, magazine-like books with titles like 'Quickest Muffins.'  And such books were purchased as a college student from the 'sale' pile of Whitcoulls and my baking only lasted a couple of months before my short attention span moved on to another avenue of interest.  So here it is.  From Women's Weekly - "Classic Cakes."  I actually bought this last Christmas.  It was a Christmas prezzie to myself.  Tee hee~

I may be breaking the foodie blog law by posting this because I have not baked anything from this book yet.  I have been gushing over all the beautiful pictures though and have been dreaming about baking some of these gorgeousness into life.

Another law that I may be breaking is that I am having a baked goods diet (Gasp!).  I know.  How contradicting is my life?  I'm a rebel.  :P  But this is only for a little while for various reasons.  I'll still be cooking stuff though so I won't be taking a break from blogging.

If I may, let me end with a proud baker's moment I had at a doctor's office, recently.  I was waiting in the waiting lounge(?) flicking through Women's Weekly and found this bread pudding recipe that looked just so amazing to pass up.  I thought about asking the receptionist if I could rip out the page but chickened out and decided to write the recipe onto my scheduling diary instead.  Ha!  Yes, I sat there scribbling away the recipe and I felt so proud of myself!  The funny thing is that I've never had bread pudding before in my life and I don't even know if I like the stuff.  But the recipe looked way too good with bananas and milk and raisins and ahhhhhhh.... You get the picture.  :) 
Anyway.  Happy baking wherever you are.  :)

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