Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Another two-week holiday has started. It is raining cats and dogs and elephants outside.
We have a tsunami warning in New Zealand today. Did you know that? It is scary, folks.
I live about 15 minutes from the nearest beach. This used to be a good thing. But not today. Not good. I had to briefly think about what I'd miss if I died today. Oooohhh....too much serious thinking for the holidays.

'Nuff seriousness. Here's some sweetness.
I made blondies today. Blondies. haha...
I'm tempted to make a lame joke about how someone who has the opposite of blonde hair (total, pitch black hair) has made blondies today..(and loved them.) But such wit escapes me.
I had four pieces already. I may have to freeze them or something before I take another to my mouth.

Here's the recipe from 'Joy of Baking.'

As strange as this sounds,
the yolk looks really 'cute' to me.
Does it to you?

I used roasted, salted peanuts instead of pecans.
I was trying to use the peanuts up before they go stale.
They were delicious (I had no problems gobbling these babies down)
but I'd still like to try pecans next time...
oh and of course white choc chips which I also omitted
cuz I didn't have any...
(It was a spur of the moment baking...)

The before.....

And after....

I saw another renowned baker blogger
baking brownies in a cake pan...
So, I tried it, too. hee hee
They look pretty good, don't they? ;p

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