Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Oxymoronic Chockies - bittersweet and dark

My sweet appetite is heightened when I'm blessed with headaches. These headaches pay me annual visits during winter time in the form of sinus infection. (Of course my monthly cyclical visits cannot be left out..........) Today was one of those days and I was craving chockies like Willy Wonka. Since now I know how to bake, I was so very tempted to whip up choc chip cookies. But I knew that if I did bake cookies, I will probably chow down the entire batch and would have to wear sweats to work due to the expanded waistline. Anyhoo, my clever remedy to this was another one of New Zealand's finest creations: Whittaker's bittersweet 'dark' chocolate. Once again, I bought these for baking but they ended up being my snack chockies. They are oxymoronically (and appropriately) sweet and bitter. They offer you a kind but intense shot of chocolate. They come in massive 250-gram blocks and will silence any level of chocolate cravings.

I was popping these all day today. They saved me from cookie binging. So...thank you chockies. You saved my waistline.

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